Snokeh And John Purdue

Having Some Fun With A Familiar Photo Location

Over the years I have made many snokeh photos on campus and many photos of the John Purdue statue. Together I have made a few as well. This year while out on an early morning walk I tried something new. I normally make my snokeh photos at 24mm, but this one was made at twice that. By doing that and being a little further back than normal I was able to make sure that many snowflakes showed up in the photo. This is one of those photos that might just be more for me. It is a photo that will not show so well on Instagram, but blown up I feel is one of my favorite snokeh photos so far.

A Slow Winter

This year the days when the snokeh conditions were the best were not very common this year. Snokeh photos are best made when it is dark out so that the flakes in the sky show up better. Knowing that I got up way too early to make sure that I was on campus when the snow started. On this trip I waited quite a while, but it was worth it in the end.

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