Down On The Farm

Life On The Farm

On one of my drives early this year looking for owls I came across this windmill. For years I have driven these roads and for some reason I usually end up making making photos of the windmills with the cows in the background. Maybe it reminds me a bit of my hometown. When I was younger I hung out with farmers and our nights couldn’t start until the cows were milked. No matter how much cologne I would put on I would end up smelling like farm when we went out. These small scenes remind me of the old days hanging out on the farm.

Landscapes At 400mm

This photo was made at a little over 400mm. I don’t usually make my landscapes with a large telephoto, but this one just worked out perfectly. Part of learning to grow as a photographer is to try and think outside of the box. I used to use my 17-40mm lens for all of my landscapes. They had to be big and epic photos. Over the years I have tried to think beyond those ideas to come up with ways to make photos with all of my lenses. This one worked fairly well for me.

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