State Street Snokeh

Campus Snokeh

This was part of a fun morning walk around campus making snokeh photos. For most of the end of my walk the snow had almost stopped. When I was getting near my car it kicked up again letting me make this photo down State Street. Now I hear that this area of campus might change a little so I wish that I had spent a little more time around here making photos. The good news is that you always have another chance to get out there and try a photo.

When The Plan Doesn’t Quite Work Out

I have become a terrible sports fan. I used to know everything that was happening around Purdue sports, but lately I have not been so great. I used to know the matchups and some keys for my teams success. Today I knew that they had their pink game tonight, and I had planned for my regular post today to be the photo gallery from that game. What I didn’t pay attention to was the opponent. In the grand scheme of things sports are not that important. What the kids at MSU had to deal with is something I wish I wouldn’t have to see anymore. The pink game is always one of my favorites to photograph, but that can happen on another day.

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