My Top Harrison Girls Basketball Photos From The 2022-2023 Season

My Favorite Photos From The 2022-2023 Harrison Girls Basketball Season

I said it a couple of days ago in my last post, but this was a fun team to cover. They play the game hard which always looks good in photos. They also have a lot of fun doing it which makes for good photos. I had a great time photographing the first game for them so I came back for a second game. By the time that 2022 was winding down I was having fun and penciling their games into my calendar for the new year. I like a good bookend and this year I photographed this team against Logansport for my first and last games. My last game with the team was a historic sectional championship. It was the first sectional title for the team since the 1985-86 season. It was very fun being able to be around this historic team and to document some of that run to history. I think that next year I might have to start penciling games in a little sooner in the season.

A New Look To The Favorite Photos

I used to have countdowns for these year end posts, but for this one I thought that I would try something a little different. I am always talking about telling a story at the games. Here I thought that I would try and put the photos in some sort of a game order. It is a little different and worth trying.

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