A Sun Dog At Bittinger Stadium

Photographing A Sun Dog Again

On the morning of Christmas Eve I was out making photos of a local owl. It was below zero when I started my day so I hadn’t planned on being out very long. I knew that any camera that I left in the car when I was out with the owl would just lose battery so I only brought on camera, lens, and I had a pocketful of batteries with a hand warmer keeping them warm. Of course when I pulled out of the parking lot of the bog I saw the sun dog in the sky. I started to quickly try and think of a spot to get to for a photo. From memory I knew that I could make a photo of this with Bittinger Stadium nearly centered under the sun dog so I went out to the athletic complex.

The Camera That You Have With You

I probably could have taken the 1.4x extender off of my 200-600mm lens and made a crazy panoramic image of this scene. I was so cold though I was just thinking about making a quick photo and leaving. Sitting here in my warm house I could see that pano being pretty cool. At that moment though my fingers were still thawing out from my time at the bog. I just grabbed my phone and went down the sidewalk to make this photo. I don’t know that anything like this ever sells anyway so for just a document of what I saw this worked pretty well.

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