My Backyard Birds: The Blue Jay

First Backyard Bird Post Of The Year

The blue jay becomes the first backyard post of 2023. This is a bird that it took a long time for me to make photos of. It was always too far away. This blog has a post where I celebrate making a photo of this bird from across the yard. Over the years though I have learned ways to make sure that I can get a little closer to this very shy bird. I like that it is the first backyard bird of the year on the blog.

One Way To Get Closer

One way to make sure that the blue jay comes closer to you is to bribe it. For my bribes I like to use peanuts. The blue jays love them, and they will come in waves to grab them. One great thing about the way that they come in is that it is also great practice. They will swoop in, grab the peanut, and then leave. You have to be quick on the focus and framing as they do not stay still very long most of the time. When I photograph my next sporting event the athletes will seem very big and slow compared to these little birds. They are amazing practice.

When Nature Helps You Bribe The Birds

This blue jay is enjoying a shelled peanut that a squirrel had hidden. The blue jay sat in my tree and watched the squirrel stash the peanut. As soon as the squirrel left if came down and grabbed it. It gave me too good looks at it with the peanut which is more than it normally does. I think it was very proud of this find.

More Photos Of The Blue Jay

Below are a few bonus photos of this bird that I made over the course of a couple of days. Like I said above I never used to get too close to these birds so I love these opportunities. Bribing them to come into the yard really helps.

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