One Last 2022 Moon

One Last 2022 Moon Photo

On New Year’s Eve I was down on the Wabash seeing what I could find. I saw a lot of critters down there including an owl that I did not expect to see. The only problem was that I was seeing the back end of the birds or they were too far away. If you are a birder this is not a big deal. You can still mark the bird down and go on with your search. For me that meant no photos though which is rough when you are a photographer. I pointed my camera up at the sky to make a few last moon photos in 2022. A cloud came through and gave me a little interest for the photo. It was a fitting way to end 2022.

Emphasis On The Moon

This past year I was focused on making as many full or near full moon photos as I could. This year I am upping that a little. The goal is to make as many moon photos as I can. There are some cool astro events coming up that will look good even with a partial moon in the sky. The goal this year is to find ways to incorporate my surroundings into the photos.  These new year goals rarely work out, but the fun is in keeping them in the back of your mind.

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