A Foggy Morning Drive

Taking A Foggy Morning Drive

At the beginning of the year I was ready to make some new photos and to start filling my 2023 folders. The only problem is that the weather was not the best. A light fog was present for most of those first two days of the year. At some point though you just have to embrace it and make the best of it. I went out and made some foggy barn photos in the country.

A Great Drive

On this drive I made a couple of photos that I really liked of a short-eared owl along with this barn photos. Sometimes even when the weather is bad it pays to get out and make photos. After going out the day before I almost didn’t make this trip. I am glad that I did. Here are a few bonus photos from my drive.

2 Replies to “A Foggy Morning Drive”

  1. Always like your barn pics. And the 2 trees on the side of the road really caught my eye. The real story though is if John H. Haan is still alive…

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