Purdue Wrestling vs. Iowa

Back In Holloway

Sunday afternoon I was back in Holloway photographing Purdue wrestling vs. Iowa. It has been a while since I have seen the wrestling team in Holloway. I think it was the wrestle offs last year. This was a much different environment than that. It was packed like I have not seen it before with people standing off to the side just to be there and see the match. It was a fun environment to see wrestling in.

Hammer Down Cancer

This was the annual Hammer Down Cancer match. Special singlets were worn that would be sold after the match to raise money for the Purdue Center For Cancer Research. This is always a great match because of the fact that it raises money to fight cancer. It may be too late to bid on a singlet, but you can still donate by clicking the link above.

It’s Been A While

I went to upload the photos to the FTP and realized that I just had to change the last digit of the year on the date. It had been a year to the date since I last uploaded photos to Purdue. In the past this would have been unthinkable. I would upload to events that I was not brought in to photograph in the past. These are different times though, and I love every chance that I get to photograph for this program.

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