Stopping To Reflect

Turning Around For A Reflection

In early December I was leaving a basketball game and heading home. I took a different route than I normally would have to see if some of the houses on 9th Street were lit up for the holidays. I must have picked the wrong time because I came away empty. As I was driving down 9th Street I saw this huge puddle from the rain in front of O’Rears Pastry Shop. I went up a block and turned around to make a photo. I am a sucker for a good reflection photo, and this one certainly was worth turning around for.

Taking A Break

Every year at this time I take a little break. Having almost a month straight of Christmas posts allows me to bank a few photos that are not Christmas related. For the next little bit those banked posts will take center stage. Started on the 1st I will start a different kind of reflection as my best of 2022 posts will being as well. Having these posts all written already let me take a little break from writing with the kids home for break. This has been a fun year making photos, and this is a great way to kick off this last little run to the new year.

2 Replies to “Stopping To Reflect”

  1. Great reflection photo! Enjoy time with the kids. When our son was growing up – sometimes it felt like time was dragging, but at time it seemed like it was flying. Parenting can be difficult, so I never want to tell parents of young children “enjoy every moment; time flies.” It seems like a cruel thing to say when you don’t know how that period of their life is going. I feel fortunate that we got to see so many amazing baseball photos you captured of our son Allbry – first at Xavier then with the Aviators. Allbry graduated college, is living with his girlfriend in the San Francisco area, has a full time management trainee position and coaches 16 yr olds on the side. So thankful he’s “adulting” well.

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