Who Wants Cheese?

Looking Back At A Fun Night

Five years ago I was getting ready to drive up to Milwaukee to cover the Xavier basketball game at Marquette. On the way up there I built in some time to stop and make some photos. I was really drawn to the neon cheese signs that I was seeing while driving on 94. I stopped a few times to make some photos of those. This is one of those that just never made its way to the blog. It is a fun memory of a good night.

How Quickly Things Change

Looking back at what made that night so much fun it is crazy how fast things change. This cheese shop closed up in 2019. The arena that I made my basketball photos in is no more. Heck on the way home I was listening to Jeff Brohm lead his team to an exciting bowl win. That football game made the drive home go by so much quicker. Just like everything else about this night though Jeff has now left West Lafayette. The fun part about photography though is that you can preserve these little moments. I am glad that I stopped at this little roadside cheese shop.

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