A Beautiful Fall Day At Purdue

An Amazing Fall Day At Purdue

Last week I had a great walk around the campus of Purdue. A lot of the leaves were at peak color allowing me to make some great fall photos. These walks on campus are always great. They are a great reminder of how quickly everything changes on campus. It seems like every walk I find something new or something missing from where it was. I always say this, but I really need to get up to campus more often.

Getting A Hobby

I have bragged on this post from almost day one that photography was my job and my hobby. I really love photography so much that I am okay with making photos for fun and for pay. This past year though I found that when the business was not doing well it was affecting all of my photography. I just didn’t have that spark. For my birthday my wife and kids bought me a drum kit to play around with. I am terrible at it, but that is the fun. Starting that trip to 10,000 hours with it reminded me a lot about my photography journey. It has actually inspired me to get out and make fun photos again. I play more like Animal from the Muppets more than a real drummer, but it is a great way to let off some steam.

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