My Top Softball Photos Of 2022

My Favorite Softball Photos Of 2022

This was a fun year making softball photos. I did not get to as many college and high school games as in years past, but both of my little ones played this summer. My oldest was on a few teams giving me many more chances to make photos. In reality this post would all be photos of the two of them, but to be fair I will leave them out of the mix and post my favorite photos from the high school and college games this year.

I have to start this list off with Rachel Becker. Many years ago I was lucky enough to see Andie Varsho play for Purdue. I thought that I was watching the best hitter that Purdue had ever seen in person. Then I was lucky enough to see Rachel Becker hit. She just had the knack for getting on base. She was always fun to watch play, and I am glad that I was able to see her bat one last time this year.

This year both of my little ones played catcher. My oldest pretty much spent the entire season at the position, and my youngest dabbled at it a bit. The problem with the position is that most of the time they have too much equipment on to make a nice photo of them. Here I lucked out with a cool moment and a nice background to make this photo of Kaeley Hallada waiting to take the field again.

Bittinger Stadium always looks good. Here during my first game of the season it looked great. A nice sky, and a good crowd made for a nice photo of it.

One of my favorite players to photograph on the team is Kiara Dillon. She plays the game hard, but also has fun doing it. Here are a couple of my favorite photos of her from this past year. In snow or on a perfect day it doesn’t matter. This game is fun so why not play like it?

I really enjoyed watching Kiley Goff play during her time at Purdue. This year when Maryland came to town I made sure to get out to the park to see her play. Here are a couple of photos of her during that series with Purdue.

I only was able to photograph one West Side softball game this year. My youngest was part of the pregame festivities and I brought my camera. We caught a couple of other games, but I tried to just go as a fan for once to help show my little one the game a little more. It is a very dusty field which makes for great photos. I need to get to more games next year.

This year I had a blast following the Harrison soccer team for two weekends. Here are some favorites from their first semi state game. The sun and the dust came together for a fun day.

Of course the semi state finals were full of emotion as well. This was a great way to end a very fun day of softball.

My high school softball season ended at the state finals with Harrison. It was a crazy day filled with a car parade to the stadium, a rain delay, and then finally the game. Here are a couple of my favorite photos from the day.

Fall ball allowed me a chance to make photos one last time as Purdue played a doubleheader against Notre Dame. It was a beautiful day, and I stayed for both games knowing it was my last chance for a while to make softball photos. Here are a couple of favorites from those two games.

This was a fun year for softball. At one point of the summer we had four to five games a week that we were going to. It was really cool using everything that I have learned over the years to document the journey for my little ones who are not so little anymore. This coming year I would like to get to more softball games outside of the games that they play. We will see how that works out.

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