A Yellow-rumped Warbler In The Fall

The Last Of The Fall Warblers

This year I missed most of warbler season. I just was not having the luck that I usually have. Of course I always talk about half of the battle in bird photography is showing up, and I was not really showing up. Last week though I had some great luck at the Celery Bog. I only saw two yellow-rumped warblers, but they were both in this same spot with an amazing background. Sometimes the luck finds you.

Being Stubborn

Sometimes being stubborn can pay off in photography. Here I found this great background being lit by the sun, and I decided not to move. I spent the first hour of my time there seeing nothing. Three red-bellied woodpeckers showed up though and started chasing each other around. Their noise must have attracted the warblers. The two warblers showed up and watched the chase from the branches that I hoped something would land on. It took a while, but stubbornly not moving paid off in this situation.

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