A Hard Seat To Get

The Hardest Seat To Grab On Campus

Last night we were up on campus to have dinner and to spend a night in the newly renovated Purdue Union Hotel. It was a fun birthday treat for my youngest, but I knew that when everyone went to sleep I would have some fun making some photos around the Union. I saw this bench a while back after having dinner at the 8Eleven Bistro. I kept waiting for a good time to make a photo of it again. Last night seemed like a good night to finally make the photo that I had in my mind. Of course every time that I came by it someone was in the chair. I don’t blame them. This is a cool chair. Finally at almost one thirty in the morning I had my shot to make the photo. A little patience paid off, and I was able to finally make this photo.

Am I A Food Photographer?

I really am not a food photographer. There are people who do amazing things with food photography. Last night during our meal though I made a photo of each of the five courses. It was a special occasion, and my initial thought was just to document it for the family. Of course it was such a good meal that I want to show everyone what is in our town. Would you be up for a very amateur food photography post? That one may be coming later on this week. I have always considered myself a generalist when it comes to photography. I am not the best at anything, but I enjoy some success with a lot of forms of photography. It is much like when I played sports. I was decent at them all, but never really excelled at any one. I enjoyed them all though so I wanted to keep playing as many as I could. That is how photography has gone for me. I love it so much that I want to do it all. Now with a bit more free time I can expand what I do a little bit more.

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