A Good Start With The Redstart

Seeing An American Redstart In The Backyard

Yesterday morning I spent a few minutes early in the day watching the backyard to see if anything new showed up. One male and two female American Redstarts stopped by for a little while. For most of the time the birds were hidden deep in the leaves, but for a brief moment this female came out onto this branch lit by the early morning light. It was my only opportunity to make a photo, but a very good one.

Warblers In The Backyard

I am sure that things can change, but on my last few trips to the Celery Bog I had seen very few warblers. I realized that I get quite a few in the backyard so why not just see what comes to my backyard? So far the plan is working out. Hopefully I can find a few that I would not normally find out at the bog.

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