The Wilson’s Warbler Is The First Warbler This Fall

While out watching the herons fish at the Celery Bog I heard some familiar sounds behind me. They were the sounds of the chickadees and the nuthatches. During the migration season I call them the welcoming committee because the migrants are usually with them. I turned away from the water and there was a Wilson’s Warbler just sitting in the trees in front of me. Of course it liked the darkest portions of the tree, but it hung out long enough for me to make a clean photo of it. That is the first real good look that I have gotten of one of these birds. I usually see them, but they are deep in a bush or tree. Sometimes you need a little luck and the welcoming committee to bring the birds to you.

The First Migrant Of Fall 2022

This is the first warbler that I have photographed this fall. I have seen a couple at the bog, and even a few in my backyard. Things just did not work out for a good photo though. It is great to kick off this fall campaign with a bird that I normally don’t get to see in the open. I don’t know how much I will get out to the bog during the migration, but if my luck continues I will have to make more opportunities to get out there.

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