Egrets, I’ve Had A Few

I Did It My Way

Part of the fun of photography is finding what appeals to you. When I started making birds photos I found that what I liked apparently wasn’t always what people in the bird community liked. I started to change how I made my photos, but quickly realized I wasn’t having as much fun anymore. I decided that it was time to go back to making the photos that I like. The birds are not always zoomed in and tight anymore. I can occasionally pull back and show some environment. I have been having fun making bird photos again, and I think I need to do more of it. Of course now that I say that I will post a few really tight images for the next few.

And More, Much, Much More

Here are a few more great egret photos that I have made over my last couple of trips to the Celery Bog. You don’t have to listen to Sinatra as you look at them, but why not?

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