A Green Heron Portrait Session

A Couple Of Minutes With A Green Heron

Last week I was watching a very prolific blue heron fish when a green heron flew across the bog and landed just off to my left. I slowly pivoted to make photos of the green heron because they are normally very skittish. This one though did not care about me and just sat there looking around. I had about five minutes of time with this bird, but it was plenty of time to make a few portraits.

Getting Spoiled

Last summer the green herons were plentiful, and not very shy. They really spoiled me thinking that these types of photos were easy. This year I had only really seen them from afar until last week. It was cool to have this time with the heron. Now of course I am a little greedy and I want to see more green herons. I need to get back out to the bog to see if I can make this happen again. Here are a couple of bonus photos from my time with the heron.

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