Feeling A Little Aloofah

When You See The Photo

While walking my daughter down the driveway on the way to school the other morning I saw that the flowers on the loofah plant that my wife is growing were looking pretty cool. The recent rains gave them a cool look, and the diffused morning light was perfect to make some photos. After I had seen my little one off I ran inside to grab the macro lens and made my way to the plant. It just took a little patience before this ladybug came into frame and made something interesting for me.

Macro Photography

One thing that I don’t play around with enough is macro photography. When I switched to Sony I sold my old Canon 100mm lens and it took until the virus for me to replace it. Looking back at it I should have kept the Canon macro lens as it might have worked better on my Sony as the adapter would act as a sort of extension tube. This is the time of year when the macro usually gets some use as the caterpillars are usually out in the backyard. I have not seen too many yet this year, but I was glad to get some early practice in here.

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