Photo Gallery: Purdue Soccer vs. Miami (OH)

And Now For Something A Little Different

Normally when I post a sports gallery I don’t talk very much anymore. I went to this game to try and recreate a cool moment. Six years earlier to the day I went to a Purdue soccer game for fun and ended up making a photo that hangs in the ticket office. Andrea Petrina scored a goal and her celebration was so good that it ended up in the ticket office. For me at the time it was a cool thing. What made it even cooler is that I made the photo on my 40th birthday. I had a great weekend making volleyball photos in Champaign, but decided to have some fun making soccer photos on my day. I don’t have much reason to walk through Mackey anymore, but when I used to be there all of the time I loved seeing of huge reminder of a great 40th weekend. You can read my blog post from that game here. Of course the celebrations were not as epic yesterday, but it was still a fun day. Here are some photos that I liked from a fun afternoon at Folk Field yesterday.

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