Purdue Soccer Defeats Cincinnati 2-1 In Overtime

Purdue Saves Their Best For Last For a Big Sunday Win

It was Sunday in the fall so that meant that I was at Folk Field watching Purdue play a soccer game that went into overtime. If word gets out that every time that I show up on a Sunday the game will go extras they will probably bar me from coming into the stadium. I really thought that the game was over in regulation as I missed the fact that the first Purdue goal by Hannah Leinert was waved off. After Hannah scored I shot the celebration, and then took a couple of my favorite images of the goal and posted them on Twitter. Apparently while I was doing that they wiped the goal off the board. When Andrea Petrina scored on a penalty kick I thought that Purdue had grabbed the lead late. When the horn sounded I thought that it was the final horn, and I was getting ready to pack up my gear when I heard that the game would be going into overtime. Of course I realized that my previous tweet about the score being 2-0 (a typo it should have said 2-1) was dead wrong. The good news is that Purdue pulled out the win in overtime. That coupled with a White Sox winner about an hour later made for a good sports day on my birthday. The way that things work out this will be my last Purdue sporting event for a couple of weeks at least so it was good to see the Boilers get a win. I went to the game with the idea of making a good celebration photo. I just had my Canon 1DX and my 400mm lens. I ended up making a few photos that I liked, and had a great time doing it. That is supposed to be what this is all about right? Next time they can seal the deal in regulation though and give my heart a rest.

The Week In Photos

As usual I have put together some of my favorite images from the past week into one Exposure post. This week features a lot of volleyball as I had five matches to shoot in two days in two states. Of course I shot a little of the matches that I was not paid to shoot for fun, and I was rewarded with one of my favorite volleyball shots that I have ever made. You can find this weeks Exposure post here. It also features a rare landscape shot at the very end so don’t click away too quick.


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