West Lafayette Soccer vs. McCutcheon

Trying To Find Some Good Light For Soccer

Last night I went out to the West Lafayette soccer field chasing some good light. I had an idea for a photo, and I was intent on selling out to get it. The team has a photographer so my action shots would be secondary. I could just concentrate on what I had in mind. Of course the light was there, but then a cloud came in and changed everything. I still made some images that I liked, but my idea will have to wait for another day. I like the idea of just going out to make one photo though. I will do the same thing tonight.

Getting Distracted

Of course seeing this hawk on a light pole distracted me for a little while. I made some photos of it during halftime, but i liked the look of the photo once the lights came on.

More Photos From The Match

Here are a few bonus photos from the match. I was basically only at the game for a half, but I still made a few images that I liked.

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