My Favorite Lafayette Aviators Photos From The 2022 Season

Looking Back At The 2022 Lafayette Aviators Season

This was another fun season covering the Lafayette Aviators. Year two in Loeb Stadium was a chance to try and do some things that I had not done yet. The season started with a walk off win and just kept going from there. What I love the most about covering this team is that I get to get back to covering a team again. There is nothing like gaining the trust of the team and being able to tell their story. As a photographer you want to tell stories. Of course the action is a part of that story, but you also want to show the fans just how great these young men are. So while there will be some action photos on this list the majority of the photos are from the in between moments. It is always fun to work with a team, and I can’t wait until next summer to do it again.

Until Next Year

Right now my only real opportunities to work with a team come from the Aviators. I really cannot wait until next summer to do this all over again. Like I said above it is always a fun challenge to gain the trust of a team so that they let their guard down a little. That makes it much easier to tell their story. So as I do on all of these things I will say again. If you have a team or a player that you would like photos of let me know. I really love sports photography. I feel like it is what I am supposed to be doing. Let me show you what I can do.

One More Thing

This might be my favorite photo of the year. The funny thing is that I didn’t make it. During one of the games Aviators outfielder Justin Bogard was manning whatever camera I was not using. Below is one of the photos that he made.

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