Stormy Skies

When The Storm Rolls Through

Last night I sat upstairs with the window open watching the storm roll into our area. We had two separate tornado warnings, but luckily here we never saw a funnel cloud. I was focused on trying to make a lightning photo, but this cloud stole the show. The weather made for an interesting night last night for sure. I love watching the weather roll in, and last night made for some interesting weather watching. I never saw any good bolts of lightning out of my window, but we have an entire summer ahead to make lightning photos. It was nice to photograph something other than birds and softball for a change.

A Walk Off

Last night when the first round of sirens went off I was in my lens watching my little one on third base. This year it seems like everything has stopped her from scoring from third. The last out of the inning, seven runs scored in the inning, and now a tornado warning. Of course the game took a backseat as I had no idea what was going on. The first goal was to get her off of that field. While the game was going on I was watching the storm, but from her at bat until the sirens went off I was focused on my little one. As I said above we were lucky and never saw anything, but for a bunch of kids to have sirens stop the game it was something that they will not soon forget.

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