Having Some Fun At Purdue

Getting Back Up To Campus

Lately I feel like all of my photography has centered around birds, softball, or the fox kits at a local park. On Thursday night I was hoping for some storm photography, but it just really didn’t pan out how I hoped it would. With some interesting clouds in the sky I made my way up to campus to make some photos. It has been a while since I had been up there. Campus is always changing so a lapse of a couple of months could mean that something is completely different. I went up on a familiar garage to make sure that I could get a nice 360 degree view as with stormy clouds you never know where the light will hit.

Photographing Ross Ade Again

It has been a while since I made a photo of Ross Ade Stadium. I know that this fall when the games are going on that I will have a little fomo that I am not in the stadium making photos. I decided that I will channel that a little by coming up with a photo for each game to make outside of the stadium. It could be fun to come up with a few ways to show gameday differently than I have been used to for the past ten years. I definitely think that I found my spot for game one of the season last night.

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