A Blue Jay At The Celery Bog

Getting Up Close With The Blue Jay

For most of the season at the Celery Bog the blue jay is a very shy bird. Right now with some of the birds on nests though I have found that a few of them have flown right up to me while they are looking for food. This one here came very close to me while I was talking to another photographer. I was not planning on making any blue jay photos today, but if they are going to fly right in front of me then I guess I almost have to.

Birds And Sports

Lately this blog has been all birds and sports. It really is a reflection of what I am doing most of the time, but lately it seems like I haven’t been getting out to do more landscape type photos. Soon though I assume that the blog will be back to having a little more variety. This week though it looks like I will be making softball and bird photos all week. Not a lot of variety there, but photographing both of them brings me joy. That is what this is all about anyway.

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