Hello Mr. Lincoln!

A Nice View Of A Lincoln’s Sparrow

Yesterday while walking down the path at the Celery Bog I ran into this Lincoln’s sparrow. It was posed nicely on a branch in the classic bird pose. Then it turned its head for the pose that you see above, and I made a couple of photos of it. This is a bird that I do not photograph often, but when it gives me a pose like the one above I will not turn it down.

An Opportunistic Photographer

I have always called myself an opportunistic photographer at the bog. I try not to have any expectations when I go out there I will photograph whatever presents itself to me. I have had days in the past when I went out with something in mind, and even though you make many photos of other birds you did not make the photo that you had envisioned. It is weird to have a great day and still feel like you have failed. If you go out without any expectations every photo is a bonus. A bird like this one was not on my radar in the morning, but it was a great situation to make a photo. My bird photography has been much more enjoyable since I started thinking like this.

One Reply to “Hello Mr. Lincoln!”

  1. It looks like it had a Mohawk but if it were really Lincoln, wouldn’t it have a little top hat? 🙂 I’ve never seen one of these before but it has lovely lines.

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