The Northern Waterthrush At The Celery Bog

Getting A Good Look At A Northern Waterthrush

One thing that is not easy to do is to make a clean photo of a northern waterthrush. They love to hang around in the muck around the edges of the bog. In those dark places they are not the most photogenic. Yesterday this waterthrush was down in the muck and the grasses for a large portion of the morning. For just a few seconds though it popped up and gave me a somewhat clean look at it. The redbud reflection in the water adds a little color to the photo as well.

Having Some Fun At The Bog

This time of the year you have many targets to point your camera at while walking around at the bog. Here I was really having trouble deciding just where to point the camera. A prothonotary warbler and a yellow warbler were also nearby and would have been great subjects. Behind me at this time on the pond a blue heron was looking for fish. This is a great time of year to make photos all over.

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