The Yellow-rumped Warbler At The Celery Bog

The Yellow-rumped Warblers At The Celery Bog

During migration there may not be a bird that I see more than the yellow-rumped warbler. They are literally everywhere, and many people will just pass them by. To be honest in most situations I do not make the photo as well all of the time. I will however make a photo of them when they are in a good situation. The buds of the redbud for example are a great place to make some photos of this bird. They are everywhere, but that just means that you have to really make a good photo of them.

More Photos Of The Yellow-rumped Warbler

Like the palm warbler with great numbers throughout the season I will have many photos of this bird. Here are a few of my favorites from the last week or so. As this migration moves on I assume I will have more photos of them to share in another post.

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