A Packed Alexander Field For Some Saturday Baseball

Walking Over To Find The Crowd Noise

Saturday afternoon after photographing a couple of innings of game two for Purdue softball I walked over to Alexander Field. The crowd noise was very loud, and I wanted to see what the stadium looked like packed. I was only able to catch the last few innings of the game, but that included a ten run inning so I probably saw a couple games worth of action in that time. After watching a lot of MLB baseball on opening week online it was good to see a little baseball in person.

A Guy You Want To Play For

One of the fun things about photographing this team is seeing what Coach Goff brings to it. He really is a guy that you want to play for. He really cares about his players and it shows all of the time. Because I am writing this on Monday morning I can say that I made another photo last night showing something very similar. It really is a fun side project to make these photos during the games.


Late in the game Ryan Howe came into the game as a pinch runner. He immediately used some heads up base running to go from first to third on a hit. At the time I remember thinking that he did pretty well for himself. Later that inning he got a chance to bat with two men on and cranked a three run shot. The crowd and the team went crazy as he rounded the bases. It was a great senior moment for Ryan. Hopefully he has a couple more in store for us fans.

More Photos From The Game

Like I said I was only at the game for a short time, but I had fun while I was there. Here are some of my favorite photos from Saturday afternoon.

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