A Saturday Doubleheader With Purdue Softball

Let’s Play Two With Purdue Softball

There are limited chances to see Purdue softball this year. They were scheduled to only play 12 home games so if you want to see them you have to get out there during those four home weekends. Before game one of the doubleheader the teams lined up on the baselines for the National Anthem. With the cancer ribbon on the field I decided to make a wide photo of the stadium. My 24mm lens was not wide enough so I decided to try a panoramic image. These don’t always turn out, but this one did.

A Familiar Face

Last year I had a lot of fun making photos of Kiley Goff as a Boilermaker. This year she plays for Maryland, but she is still fun to watch play. She was a force on the Purdue squad last year, and I am sure that she is doing the same thing in College Park. At one point I decided to make a batting photo of Kiley and of course she hit a line drive. This time though it was snared by the Purdue centerfielder who made a very nice catch. I missed the catch making this photo. The good news is that I was at the game for myself so the missed catch really did not matter too much.

A Little Snow

The weather was not the best on Saturday for sure. At one point early in game one it actually started to snow. I was in a bad spot to show the snow as most of the players had a bright sky as their background. Spring has come late this year, but hopefully we can get some softball home weekends with some good weather.

More Photos From The Day

I did not put a gallery together after the games yesterday. I actually left game two early to catch a little of the baseball game next door. I was more making photos for fun and not for the sake of a gallery. At the end of the day though I made some photos that I liked. Here are a few of my favorites.

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