A Beautiful Night For Baseball

An Gorgeous Night For Baseball

Sunday night I was at home thinking that the sky might light up a little at sunset. I checked the Purdue score and saw that they were only in the 5th inning of game two on the day. I decided to head down to Alexander to see if the light would be good. I didn’t get the sunset that I hoped for, but I was able to make some nice photos as it was going down. No matter what it got me out to the park to watch a good finish to the game. I made this panorama of the stadium to show how the new scoreboard fits into the scene.

Big Game Energy

Late in the game the momentum started to swing back towards Indiana. With two outs in the ninth you could feel the tension. Purdue had actually already gotten the final out on a throw down to third, but the umpire saw things differently. The drama that then unfolded led to a great celebration when Purdue recorded the final out. A series win against your rival is always a good thing.

More Photos From The Game

This has been an interesting year. With no real outlet for my photos I am just there making photos for myself. It is still fun capturing moments like the one above, but by not having to produce anything it really lets me take some chances. I missed a few photos on the night because I was just going for it. I need to keep that same go for it energy when I have a paying gig next time. It is the only way to make photos. Here are a few of my favorites from Sunday night.

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