A Pelican Makes A Nice Catch

Watching The Pelicans

Tuesday morning I was back out at the Celery Bog to watch the pelican invasion that has been going on there. There were about twice as many as on Sunday when I was there so the odds of making a good pelican photo probably doubled as well. This is an interesting way to really kick off migration season for me. I enjoy some of the photography of the water fowl, but they are usually too far away to make a dynamic photo. These pelicans were getting fairly close to us making the photos easier to make.

A Little Patience

I only planned on being out at the bog for a couple of hours in the morning. I had some other things that I wanted to get to in the morning. I had made photos of the pelicans swimming, scratching, and even a few photos of them in flight. I really wanted one of a pelican flipping a fish. I decided to stay until I made that photo. I got lucky and made the photo above which I really liked. It was a great way to cap off a very fun day. I made way too many photos on the day and I will probably post them tomorrow. There are so many to go through though that I may end up making it a couple of posts. I really wanted to get this one out there though as I really like it.

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