Photographing High School Baseball: Harrison vs. Kokomo

Photographing Baseball On A Rainy Night

Last night I went down the road to photograph a little baseball. It was not baseball weather when I left my house as it was cooler and the rain was really coming down. I really wanted to photograph baseball Monday night, but for some reason the game ended early before I could get there. A little rain was not going to stop me on Tuesday night.

Sabotaging Myself

Sometimes on nights like last night I intentionally only bring gear that will work for a short time with the light so that I don’t stay too long. If I have gear to photograph the entire game I will end up staying. Last night that was the plan, and of course I started panning with the players once it became too dark for my lens. Even though I had only planned on staying for a few innings I ended up nearly staying for the entire game. I did have some fun panning at the end of the game though.

More Photos From Tuesday Night

Here are a few bonus photos that I liked from Tuesday night.

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