A Great Blue Heron In The Snow

Something New

I usually spend time with great blue herons in the summer. I usually find myself sitting or laying at the waters edge watching them while they hunt. This encounter was a bit different. I went down to the Wabash River to see if I could find any eagles in the snow, and while I was waiting on an eagle to fly this heron flew right through my area. It was a photo of a heron that was different for me, and any time you can make a different photo of a bird that is a good thing.


One In The Can

I made this photo shortly after arriving on the scene. On a day when you didn’t know how long the snow will last for a photo right away always feels good. I talk about this all of the time in any kind of photography. Getting a photo that you like right away is always a good thing and it allows you to get a little bolder with your images. Once you have a photo that you like you can start to try things without worrying about failure. You already have one so anything else is a bonus.

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