Adapting To Change At The Celery Bog

The Golden Crowned Kinglet

I waited a while to find this golden crowned kinglet. I saw a few of them while I was out, but they were all too high in the trees on an overcast day. I don’t like that bright white background so I just waited until they came down a little lower. If I am being a picky photographer I would have liked this one to be a little lower, but sometimes you just have to deal with what is given to you. At the end of the day I liked the gesture here so I really cannot complain.

Change At The Bog

They have gone through and taken down many trees at the Celery Bog really changing up some areas where I used to find birds. At first I looked at this change in a bad light. Places there I used to see a lot of birds and were known to me were now just logs on the ground. As I walked through yesterday I realized that some of these spots could not be amazing for photography now, and even better in a couple of years. I am always trying to be positive, and hopefully what I hope will happen in a few spots will happen.

One Reply to “Adapting To Change At The Celery Bog”

  1. A handsome fellow. I understand about the trees. Where I like to walk in the Riparian Preserve here in Gilbert, AZ, they’ve planted young trees in places where I liked to get close to the lakes to look for birds. 🙂 Opposite problem.

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