The Brown Thrasher

A Chance Encounter With A Brown Thrasher

Yesterday morning while walking through the Celery Bog I heard a call that I had not heard before. It was very distinct and I quickly spotted the bird up high in a tree. On a cloudy day I made the photo, but I knew it was just to remember that I saw the bird. It would never get published. I walked away and the bird came down a little. I walked a little further down the path and the bird actually came down to about eye level and checked me out. The encounter did not last very long, but it did allow me to make a photo of it that I liked. This was not what I went out to see at all, but it was a nice surprise on the day.

A Quick Break From Sports

For a short period of time there are no sports that I cover happening this weekend. That means that there will be a short break in sports posts here for a little bit. When I look at the numbers I see that for the most part the sports posts do not do well anyway so I assume there is a collective sigh of relief. Right now the next sporting event on my schedule is the Indiana State game at Purdue next Wednesday. It is always good to see the Sycamores again so I am really looking forward to that one.

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