Purdue Baseball Defeats Ohio State To Go 1-0 In The Big Ten

Purdue Defeats Ohio State To Open Up Conference Play

Yesterday was a day that just was not going according to plan. My original plan for the night was to head to softball who was opening up their season. A time change made sure that I could not attend the game. By the time I was free there were about four innings left in the baseball game. It looked like there could be patches of good light so I made my way to Alexander to catch a little baseball. With the forecast for the rest of the weekend I am not sure when games will be played so I was glad to be able to see some action with some decent light. To me the star of the game was Landon Weins who pitched 5 1/3 innings of two hit ball to shut Ohio State down. That allowed the Boilers to fight their way back into the game and eventually win 7-5. This team was down 4-0, and they did not flinch. They immediately came back and tied things up against Ohio State. I love the way this team plays, and so far this year that play has resulted in wins.

Under The Rainbow

At one point during the game the light started to get good. I sat down behind the plate to make some photos of the fielders in the light. I looked out to right field and saw a nice rainbow and immediately stood back up to make a photo of it. I stopped on the way to my idea to make the photo above. I am glad that I did because as I worked my way down the line the rainbow faded. It was a brief, but cool moment at the park. Of course my only wide angle was my tilt shift lens because I had planned on having some fun. If I was really brave I would have engaged the tilt shift function to really have some fun.

Using The Flag

With the flag at half mast it was an opportunity to incorporate them into my photos. I had an idea behind the plate that worked for me here. You have some Purdue branding along with the flag in the background. I liked how this one came out.

Trying Something Different

At this point in the year it seems like I am just starting to do the same things over and over. With the plate in shadow I moved to a spot where I could get the batter in silhouette with the fielder in the light. I like this look, and it is something different.

More Photos From The Game

Without being at the game the entire time I didn’t want to put a gallery together. I was just playing for the most part so I didn’t really have something that could stand on its own. Here are a few bonus photos from the game that I liked though.

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