Photographing College Tennis: Purdue vs. Nebraska

Photographing Purdue Tennis Again

My day yesterday was supposed to be an interesting one. I had this crazy plan the way that the original schedule was to spend an hour each at four different sports. The goal was to have the one hour challenge four straight times to see what I could come up with. Of course mother nature stepped in and cancelled the last three of those sports. I still decided to try the one hour challenge with just tennis this time.

Photographing Tennis

It is funny how sports photography works. During basketball season I couldn’t get a seat even on the sides of the court. At tennis though I am the only person with a camera. Every now and then I will see a video camera, but for the most part tennis is a forgotten sport on campus. That is too bad. These athletes deserve to be seen as well. As I continue this victory lap this spring I plan on attending a few more tennis matches. If you can make photos in this dark building then you can make them anywhere. I wouldn’t be opposed to the weather getting nicer and the teams moving outside either.

More Photos From The Day

Here are a few bonus photos from a fun hour at the tennis courts.

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