A Bly Sky Birdbird Day

When The Walk Starts Off Great

Monday morning during my walk at the Celery Bog I saw this eastern bluebird almost immediately. It was very cool and let me move around a little to put the blue sky in the background of the image. I made the image above and moved on down the trail. I hoped that I would see this bird on my way back, and as luck would have it I did.

Persistence Pays Off On The Return Trip

On my way back to my car I saw this bird on top of what used to be a cool tree that sat in a little clearing. The way that I was walking the light was not good, and the bird flew off before I could get on the other side of it. I decided to take the long way around to come upon the bird with the light at my back. If anything I would have a photo from afar if it flew off again. It never flew off, and it let me get pretty close to it to make a few photos. I then doubled back and left it in peace. Below you can see a couple of photos that I made walking up to the bluebird. The first is from farther away with a green tree as my background. As I got closer the blue sky takes a bigger role. Which one do you like the best? One fun thing to do in the field is to try and make completely different looking photos of a bird on the same perch. This was a fun way to end my walk.

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