Blast From The Past

Purdue To Take On St. Peter’s Again

Before Purdue even played their game against Texas last week I was thinking ahead to a what if scenario. What if Purdue and St. Peter’s played again? In 2011 I was lucky enough that Purdue started their tournament in Chicago. After traveling to Spokane and Houston the year before this was a much easier commute for me as I still lived in northern Indiana at the time. Back in those days I had a really crummy sports blog, and someone who read it helped me upgrade my upper level seat to a seat in the John Purdue Club section of the stadium. It is from that seat that I made the photo above. It was the only game photo that I was willing to share from the game.

Lots Of Changes

Looking back through these photos I started thinking about how much has changed. Back then I still was making pictures in sport mode with my camera. The camera was making the decisions, and they were not always the best for what I wanted. I was a couple of months out from the conference that changed everything for me. My game day gear consisted of a Canon Rebel XT and my 75-300mm lens that really was not suitable for making photos inside. When I made these photos I had no idea that I would be living in West Lafayette again in a few months. Or that in just four years I would be courtside making photos of Purdue in the NCAA Tournament. Man it was amazing just how fast life can come at you when you find your path.

One More Photo

When I was going through my old photos I came across this photo from after the Purdue game. Coach Painter and Coach Lusk behind him were scouting their next opponent from the Purdue radio table. I loved these young faces at the time along with a cameo from The Cliz.

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