Could You Walk Quieter Please?

Could You Keep It Down Over There?

Yesterday while walking through the woods I stepped on a stick and the birds flew away. I heard a noise up a little higher and looked up to see the Cooper’s Hawk glaring at me. It seemed as if the bird was angry that I drove its lunch away. It stared me down for a short time before flying off somewhere without a bumbling photographer to scare away its food.

A Slow Time At The Bog

I had walked for a long time with nothing really to show for it yesterday before this encounter. Right now things are fairly slow at the bog as we wait for spring to come. The water is now open so most of the interesting water fowl are hanging out on the other side of the bog. Soon the woods will be full of birds, and I will have a lot of subjects to make photos of. For now I will have to take the angry bird staring at me.

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