The Hooded Merganser And A Little Patience

The Hooded Merganser At The Celery Bog

Yesterday at the Celery Bog I went with one idea in mind. I never made it to that spot though as I started to have some luck on the water with the birds that are here for a short time. Most of the time with the water open the birds are very far away from me. In fact when I walked down to the water nothing was really too close except for a few grebes that would pop up here and there. The grebes kept me occupied for a while which was good because the birds started flying by shortly after. I might have just kept walking without that.

A Little Patience

A couple of weeks ago I started seeing these hooded mergansers down on the river when everything was frozen. I never could get close to them though as they are very shy. Flash forward a couple of weeks though and they were still pretty far away from me. By just hanging out by the water for a little while I was able to capture a few photos of the birds as they flew by. Most of photography is about patience. With baseball season just around the corner patience is never more important. You have to stay ready for when the action happens. Making wildlife photos is always a good exercise in patience. Below are a couple of bonus photos brought to you by patience.

2 Replies to “The Hooded Merganser And A Little Patience”

  1. You’re definitely right about the patience, Dave. I love the two photos of the two birds, the top one with the wings opposite, almost like a reflection, in contrast to the last one.

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