Lit For Ukraine

The Tippecanoe County Courthouse Lit Up To Support Ukraine

Earlier in the week I saw a tweet saying that the Tippecanoe County Courthouse would be lit up to support Ukraine. When I heard that I thought that I should check on the engineering fountain on campus, but then I thought that when it is lit gold during blue hour it actually looks better. The same might be said here. The blue really doesn’t pop against the blue sky. It was fun to get out and plan a photo though.

A Much Needed Photography Trip

Photography is a funny thing. Last week I felt like I was on fire making images that I really liked. By yesterday afternoon I was down on my work. I needed to get out and make a photo badly. This was the perfect opportunity. It was not the photo that I was thinking of when I left the house, but it was a much needed trip to create something. Sometimes you just need to get out and create something.

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