The Pileated Woodpecker At The Celery Bog

Getting A Close Look At The Pileated Woodpecker At The Celery Bog

Wednesday morning I was walking through the woods at the Celery Bog when I heard a familiar call. I usually hear it far away, but this time it was very close to me. The pileated woodpecker swooped down and landed in a tree just out of my view. I stayed where I was and waited for it to move somewhere where I could see it. It ended up moving closer to me with a great background. Normally these birds are very shy, but this one was enjoying a nice morning searching for food.

Another Great Look

So far this year it has been the year of making photos of birds that have eluded me so far. In February I had a close encounter with a belted kingfisher. Here I had two great looks at a pileated woodpecker within a short time span. The second look required a lot more patience as it was foraging down low on a downed tree that provided me no clean looks. I waited things out until the bird moved back up into the trees. My patience paid off as I was able to make another photo that I really liked.

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