A Quiet Morning At Purdue

Enjoying A Quiet Morning On The Campus Of Purdue

The morning I made this photo I had rushed there to make a photo that I had in mind. I got there in time to make the photo that I was thinking about. You can see that photo here. After I had that photo made I wandered around trying to find ways to put the moon into my photos. I messed around long enough that blue hour was really going on. I decided to go and make a familiar photo. The blue of the sky always go very well with the golden light of the fountain.

Quiet Campus Times

I have been on this campus many times as a student and later as an adult when it is filled with college kids moving through life. There are photos to be made there, but sometimes I like these quiet moments much more. I was on campus a little less than an hour and I only saw a couple of people out and about. At times I feel like I need these quiet moments to recharge my batteries a bit.

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