Senior Moments

Some Memories On Purdue Men’s Basketball Senior Day

Tomorrow is senior day for Purdue men’s basketball. This is a special class that has helped take Purdue to places that they have never been before. It is always fun to go back and look at photos of the players through the years. You see these babyfaced young men early on, and then you flash forward to the men that they have become. This is the class that I started with when I started working with Purdue again so it became a special class to me even after that ended. Here are some of my favorite photos from the past four years with these young men.

Eric Hunter Jr.

Eric has been a steady presence since day one. One of my favorite photos of him I made in Indy an hour or so before the Crossroads Classic would start. It was a quiet moment in the hallway, but one that I thought was great. That moment of zen before battle. My other memory to share was against Illinois this year. He hit a huge three against Illinois and celebrated right in front of my position. It might be my favorite photo of Eric, and it took nearly three years to make.

Trevion Williams

Over the years I have made some photos of Trevion that I have really liked. My favorite memory though came in a loss in Indy. Purdue was not playing well in the Crossroads Classic against Notre Dame, but this young kid came in and started to light it up. The crowd came alive, and we really started to see just what Trevion could do. Over the years Trevion has been very camera friendly on the court and on the bench. He has an energy that just looks great to the camera. He has definitely become a favorite subject of mine over the years.

Sasha Stefanovic

Sasha is from the region which on a good day they will include where I grew up. I was excited to see this sharp-shooter play from day one. He is known for his outside prowess, but my favorite memory of Sasha is when he nearly threw down a dunk against Michigan in 2020. Mackey would have needed another renovation if he could have gotten that dunk down.

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