The Snow Moon Over Purdue

The Snow Moon Sets Over Purdue

Yesterday I woke up a little later than I wanted to, but with just enough time if I hit the lights right to make it to campus to see the snow moon over Hovde Hall. I somehow actually hit the lights right and made it with a couple of minutes to spare. of course I had to set up so it was probably perfect timing. This year I wanted to make some different photos of campus, and for me this is definitely different.

The Moon Quest

This year I had set a goal to try and capture the moon throughout the year. I had the idea of all full moon photos, but I admitted that clouds and life could get in the way of that. This month the clouds showed up during the full moon so I had to try something different. Before each full moon you can see it nearly full just before sunset, and for a few days after you can catch it just before sunrise as it sets. Here things worked out so that I could make a photo close to my goal.

Buy This Photo

Like most photos on this blog you can buy this photo buy clicking directly on the photo and heading over to my website where you can purchase it. Whether or not you buy thanks for reading the blog.

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