Pregame Fun

Having Some Fun Pregame At Purdue Basketball

Sunday night I went down to Mackey to make a few photos. After making my photos at the last game I had an idea in the stands that I wanted to try on the court. That idea turned out okay, but I quickly pivoted to make the photo that you see above. It might be my favorite basketball photo of the year. I am sure that there is a little recency bias with that, but I really like how it turned out.

More Photos From The Intros

I really only photographed the intros before leaving. I quickly realized that there was no space with even the side portions of the court taken so I went home happy with my photos. Here are a couple of bonus photos from my time at the game. The way that things are going it looks like I only have two more chances to photograph basketball this year. I plan on making the most of those two chances. Next Sunday the Purdue women close out their home season with senior day. Then of course we all hope to see some confetti as Purdue closes out their home season.

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